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How to get Adobe Certified.

Whether you’re looking to kick-start a creative career, master the tools of your current trade, or just elevate your craft, earning an Adobe certification can help you stand out from the crowd.

By becoming an Adobe Certified Professional, you gain demonstrable knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud software and essential skills for your digital media career and beyond. Read on to explore more about how to get Adobe certified, including:


Finding the certification that’s right for you


 Preparing for your exam


Completing a practice test


Registering for your certification


Taking and passing the exam


Showcase your success

What’s an Adobe Certified Professional?

Adobe Certified Professional is the industry-recognized certification that demonstrates proficiency in a Creative Cloud app as well as foundational knowledge for a digital media career.

Each certification is earned through a 50-minute exam that’s integrated with an Adobe app, developed by industry experts, and delivered exclusively through Certiport and their global network of testing centers.

Adobe partnered with Certiport to establish the Adobe Certified Professional program in response to the ever-growing demand for a skilled creative workforce. By validating knowledge of powerful, industry-leading tools like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, certification helps employers identify creators who are equipped for on-the-job success.

Sound familiar? Prior to June 2021, this program was known as Adobe Certified Associate.

What’s the value of becoming an Adobe Certified Professional?

Creative Cloud is the industry-standard toolkit used across digital media and design fields. By validating their knowledge of powerful software and best practices, Adobe Certified Professionals stand out to employers, clients, and collaborators who seek artistic talent, technical know-how, and the drive to work smarter.  

Although portfolios and demo reels are critical to hiring in creative fields, they don’t always tell the full story. Adobe Certified Professional badges garner attention and trust by demonstrating the practical skills necessary for success on the job.  

Mastering the tools of the trade also enhances creativity and productivity. By preparing for certification, creators fill gaps in their knowledge and improve their workflows, allowing them to produce higher-quality work with greater ease.  

Learn more about the benefits of certification.

Six steps to becoming an Adobe Certified Professional

Ready to find out what it takes to become an Adobe Certified Professional? Review the steps below to see how to get started and prepare an action plan for your creative career endeavors.

1. Find the certification that’s right for you

What would you like to create? What kinds of jobs or fields interest you? To become an Adobe Certified Professional, the first step is to identify the Creative Cloud product and certification that align with your creative and career goals. The choices are as follows:

If you’re entirely new to Creative Cloud, register for a free trial or subscription and start exploring. Adobe offers a wide variety of projects, tutorials, and inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Prepare for your exam.

Once you’ve got a certification in mind, it’s time to build your skills and start creating! After all, each exam requires roughly 150 hours of hands-on experience and instruction, and you’ll need to be able to work quickly in order to complete all the questions and live-in-the-app tasks within 50 minutes.  

The most essential resource is the exam guide, which combines the objectives for a certification exam with relevant tutorials, articles, and practice test items. Review this content closely and identify areas where you may need to study or practice.  

For more comprehensive instruction, consider investing in learning products, textbooks, or live training.

3. Complete a practice test.

Studies have shown that practice exams are the best way to prepare for actual tests; in fact, many students’ scores notably improve between a simulated test and the official test. 

CertPREP Practice Tests, powered by GMetrix software, offer self-paced and timed activities with live-in-the-app tasks and selected-response items, as well as reporting features that help to identify potential gaps in your knowledge.

4. Register for your certification.

When it’s finally time to register for your Adobe Certified Professional exam, you can schedule an online exam or book it through a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

To register for a certification exam, you’ll want to either: 

  • Find an in-person test center near you.


  • Schedule your online test directly through Certiport.

5. Take the exam and pass.

Here comes the most straight forward yet important part. You’ve studied the material and gained hands-on experience with a Creative Cloud app. Now it’s time to pass that exam. 

In the hours beforehand, make sure to fuel and prime your brain with simple acts of self-care, such as getting a good night’s sleep and eating a balanced breakfast.  

For in-person exams, arrive at the test center early, bring your government-issued ID, and follow any other instructions provided by the facility. 

For online exams, make sure to closely review all instructions and technical requirements provided by the test center or Certiport, such as clearing your workspace, having a good internet connection,and registering with the name on the government-issued ID that you’ll be showing the proctor.  

Before the exam officially begins, there will be a short tutorial to familiarize you with the exam interface. Then, it’s go time!  

Each exam includes a Questions section with selected-response items followed by a Tasks section with live-in-the-app activities inside the relevant Adobe app. Both sections must be completed by the end of the 50-minute session. You’ll receive a score report immediately following the exam.

6. Showcase your success.

Once you pass, you’ll receive an official certificate through your Certiport online account and an invitation to claim a digital badge. We encourage Adobe Certified Professionals to:

  • Add their badge to personal portfolios, websites, and resumes.
  • Share their achievement on LinkedIn and in email signatures.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting Adobe certified?

In the current career landscape, Creative Cloud certifications and skills are in high demand. As an Adobe Certified Professional, you can gain a competitive edge by proving that you have practical design and digital media skills.

Employers, clients, and hiring managers seek innovative creators with the technical know-how to match. Adobe Certified Professionals stand out because they’ve validated these coveted skills through certification in the world’s most powerful apps for graphic design, video editing, and more. In short, becoming educated and certified boosts your credibility and confidence and helps organizations find or train the talent they need.

Discover even more benefits of becoming an Adobe Certified Professional.

How can I get Adobe certified?

Is it worth it to get Adobe certified?

More questions?


Discover the value of certification.

Become an Adobe Certified Professional.

Certification is more accessible than ever before. Schedule an online exam or visit a Certiport Authorized Testing Center to showcase your skills.