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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Adobe Certified Professional — the official industry certification for Adobe Creative Cloud software?‍ We have answers to all your certification questions.


What is Adobe Certified Professional?


Adobe Certified Professional is the industry-recognized certification demonstrating proficiency in a Creative Cloud app as well as foundational knowledge for a digital media career.

Each certification is earned through a 50-minute proctored exam consisting of tasks inside Adobe software plus selected-response questions, all developed by industry experts and rigorously validated.

Exams are available exclusively through Certiport and its global network of authorized testing centers.

How can I learn which certification is right for me? Where should I start?


Review our exam guides and offerings to help determine which Adobe Certified Professional exam to take.

I have an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification. What happens now?


Prior to June 2021, this program was known as Adobe Certified Associate. In June 2021, all valid ACA certifications that had been earned through live-in-the-app exams (CC 2018 or later) automatically adopted the new Adobe Certified Professional title for the remainder of their three-year eligibility period.

New Credly badges have been awarded and new certificates are available for download through accounts.
Certifications that have been earned through simulation-based exams (CC 2015 or earlier) will remain under the Adobe Certified Associate name.

To become an Adobe Certified Professional, candidates must pass a live-in-the-app exam.
Learn more about the name change.

When does my certification expire?


Yes, each certification is valid for three years after the date of issue. This is to help ensure that Adobe-certified individuals are trained and updated on new app features and capabilities. However, certifications are not directly tied to specific versions of the apps.

How much does an Adobe certification cost?


For individuals, the cost of taking an Adobe Certified Professional exam varies based on factors such as delivery method and location.

Each Certiport Authorized Testing Center establishes its own prices for exam vouchers and proctoring fees. It may also offer bundles with other products or services, such as retakes, learning materials, or training.

The cost of an online exam delivered by Certiport through the OnVUE remote proctoring platform depends on the candidate’s location and currency. In the US, the price is US$150 per exam.

Note: Volume purchasing and site licenses are available for institutions and test centers. To learn more, contact Certiport’s global sales team.

What certifications are available?


There are currently seven certifications available:

To learn more about the exam versions and languages, please visit


How do I take an exam?


There are currently two ways to access Adobe Certified Professional exams:

Option 1:
Online through Certiport’s OnVUE solution (English only)

Option 2:
In person or online through a Certiport Authorized Testing Center

  • Find a public test center that offers your desired exam through the CATC locator tool or, for candidates outside North America, by contacting the Solution Provider for your region.

Note: Many academic institutions are private Certiport Authorized Testing Centers. Students and educators should check with their institutions about the potential for free or discounted Adobe Certified Professional exams prior to booking exams through OnVUE or public testing centers.

How many questions are on an Adobe certification exam?


Each Adobe Certified Professional exam includes 30 questions.

How much experience is required to pass an exam?


Candidates are expected to have at least 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience in an application prior to earning the certification.

What is the format of Adobe Certified Professional exams?


Each 50-minute exam includes a Questions section with selected-response items and a Tasks section with live-in-the-app activities inside Adobe software. For more details, see Certiport documentation.

Are exams available in languages other than English?


Yes, Adobe Certified Professional exams are all available in several languages. In fact, the Adobe Photoshop exam is available in 12 languages! When contacting a Certiport Authorized Testing Center to schedule an exam, ask about the languages they can accommodate. Contact the Certiport Solution Provider in your country or region for more information about exams outside North America.

How do I administer exams for my students or customers?


Your organization can deliver exams onsite and online by becoming a Certiport Authorized Testing Center. Learn more about the process, requirements, and volume purchasing options for CATCs.

What score do I need to pass an Adobe Certified Professional exam?


To become an Adobe Certified Professional, you need to earn a passing score of 700 out of 1,000. For an outline of the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are covered in the exams, refer to the Objective Domains.

What happens if I fail an exam?


Visit Certiport to learn about the retake policy.


How long does it take to learn a Creative Cloud app?


Adobe offers tutorials and sample projects to help creators of all skill levels get started with any of the 20+ apps included in Creative Cloud.

Reaching the level of proficiency required to pass an Adobe Certified Professional exam requires approximately 150 hours of hands-on experience and instruction. The exams themselves take 50 minutes to complete.

I’m an educator. How do I prepare students for certification?


RTEducators have prepared students for Adobe certification in a variety of ways, including through year-long, semester-long, and intensive courses. For instance:

  • Certiport offers several learning products to help educators integrate the exams into a curriculum — such as practice tests, courseware, and textbooks.
  • The Adobe Education Exchange offers a wide range of free learning resources.
  • Certifying Adobe Skills in the Classroom is a free, self-paced course on the Adobe Education Exchange that introduces educators to the Adobe Certified Professional program.


What happens after I take an Adobe Certified Professional exam?


Upon passing an exam, you’ll receive an official certificate through your Certiport account and an invitation from Credly to claim your digital badge (

As an Adobe Certified Professional, you should share your achievement with the world by adding digital badges to your portfolio, resume, LinkedIn page, and social profiles.

Certiport will also send you a congratulatory email with resources to support further learning and career growth.

What are the benefits of earning an Adobe certification?


In the current career landscape, Creative Cloud certifications and skills are in high demand. As an Adobe Certified Professional, you can gain a competitive edge by proving that you have practical design and digital media skills.

Employers, clients, and hiring managers seek innovative creators with the technical know-how to match. Adobe Certified Professionals stand out because they’ve validated these coveted skills through certification in the world’s most powerful apps for graphic design, video editing, and more. In short, becoming educated and certified boosts your credibility and confidence and helps organizations find or train the talent they need.

Discover even more benefits of becoming an Adobe Certified Professional.

How do I access my certification?


To download your official certificate, log in to your account, click the My Transcript tab, and scroll to the My Certiport tab. Learn more.

Where should I include an Adobe certification on my resume?


RTHere are few places in your resume to consider listing your Adobe certification or even including your digital badge:

  • Next to your name
  • In a summary section
  • Near the top in a Special Certifications section
  • Under your work experience section

How do I utilize my Adobe Certified Professional digital badges?


As an Adobe Certified Professional, you should add your digital badge to your resume, portfolio, and anywhere that potential employers or clients can find you online. This includes:

  • Digital portfolios
  • Social media profiles
  • Personal websites
  • Email signatures
  • Digital resumes

Whenever possible, be sure to include a public hyperlink to your badge credentials in your Credly account. This enables potential employers to verify your badge’s authenticity and validate your abilities.

It’s also easy to download and print a PDF version of your Adobe Certified Professional certificate, which includes a unique code that can be used to validate your achievement via

Specialty Credentials

What’s a specialty credential and how can I earn one?


An Adobe Certified Professional specialty credential in Visual, Video, or Web Design is automatically awarded to an individual who completes an eligible pair of certifications. These credentials require knowledge of two products that are frequently used together in the industry.

For example, if you’re already certified for Premiere Pro, you’ll receive a badge and specialty credential for Video Design once you pass either the Photoshop or After Effects exam.

Both certifications must be earned through live-in-the-app exams (2018 or later). Learn more.

Customer Support

I’m a candidate for Adobe Certified Professional.
Whom should I contact for support?


Visit Certiport’s support page for guidance on technical and customer support issues for candidates. For questions specific to Certiport’s OnVUE delivery option, please contact

I am an educator or test center administrator.
Who do I contact for support?


Visit Certiport’s support page for guidance on technical and customer support issues for Certiport Authorized Testing Centers.

How do I cancel or reschedule my exam?


The processes and policies for rescheduling exams vary across Certiport Authorized Testing Centers. Please contact your CATC about rescheduling an exam. 

To reschedule a Certiport OnVUE exam, visit the My Exams section of the My Certiport tab in your candidate portal.

Become an Adobe Certified Professional.

Certification is more accessible than ever before. Schedule an online exam or visit a Certiport Authorized Testing Center to showcase your skills.